Minggu, 05 September 2010

Online Calculators for Chemical Engineer 2nd

Physical Properties Physical properties of Water
Liquid-phase Diffusion coefficients
Gas Z-factor, Viscosity & Specific Gravity for a given Composition
Gas Z-factor & Viscosity for a given Specific gravity
API gravity Correction To 60°F
Fluid Flow Reynolds Number and Friction Factors
Vapor-Liquid 2-Phase Vertical downflow
Flow Through Packed Bed
Liquid Pipe flow: Pressure Drop calculation
Liquid Pipe flow: Pipe Length calculation
Liquid Pipe flow: Flow Rate calculation
Liquid Pipe flow: Pipe Diameter calculation
Gas flow in Horizontal Pipeline
Gas flow in Inclined Pipeline
Heat Transfer Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger: Corrected LMTD
Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Design
Equipment Sizing Sizing Of Liquid-Vapor Separators
Partial Volumes Of Tanks
Orifice Sizing for fluid flow
Gas Compressor performance
Mass Transfer Multicomponent Equilibrium Flash Calculations
Packed-Tower Sizing
Economics Basic cashflow analysis
Project selection/Capital allocation by Ranking method
Measurement Units  Units Conversion Calculators
Units Conversion factors
Other Calculators  Petroleum Engineering Calculators
Chemistry Calculators
Mechanical Engineering Calculators
Civil Engineering Calculators

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